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My Demands in the Occupation

Everyone is else is joining in so I figured I would too.  Here are somethings I would like to protest for.

1) Bring our boys (and girls) home.  Yes I am biased because someone near & dear to me is stationed in Iraq, but the war was pretty ridiculous in the first place…so STOP the madness

2) Stop reality television.  Especially the shows that make all black women look like materialistic gold diggin hoe-bags.  Thanks.

3) Lower the price of organic food.  How can we get healthier as a nation if the cost of healthy food is an arm, a leg & the occasional first born. 

4) 40 acres and a mule. (remember that empty promise?) Yup I went there…

5) Eliminate capital punishment & streamline state justice systems

6) Bring jobs back here…

7) Stop the disneyfication of every damn thing…

8) Make rappers be real about their shit & quit selling kids thuggish dreams and aspirations

9) Have EVERYONE wear lotion…I’m tired of seeing ashy “un-colored” people…show your skin some love :) 

10) Be happy & stop complaining. It’s probably not Obama’s fault after all. 

11) Lower my cell phone bill.